October 30, 2023

Audiobook Production for Self-Published Authors: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hey there, authors who have taken the self-publishing world by storm! So, you’ve already conquered the realm of written words with your amazing literary masterpiece, both in print and e-book […]
October 27, 2023

Writing Compelling Back Matter: Turning Readers into Fans

Hey there, fellow self-published authors! I want to congratulate you on successfully creating and publishing your book. It’s evident that you’ve dedicated a lot of effort and passion to your […]
October 20, 2023

Pricing Your Self-Published Book: Strategies for Success

Congratulations, dear author! You’ve finalized your manuscript. Now comes one of the most crucial decisions on your publishing journey: determining the ideal price for your book. Pricing is more than […]
October 10, 2023

Crafting Authentic Characters: A Guide for Self-Published Authors

Welcome, my fellow writers! If you’re a self-published author on a mission to create characters that truly come alive on the page, then you’ve come to the right place. Crafting […]
September 20, 2023

Navigating the World of Self-Publishing: Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Hey there, self-published authors! Ah, the realm of self-publishing! It’s a place where your words can fly freely, without the constraints of gatekeepers. While it offers possibilities, it also presents […]
August 31, 2023

International Publishing: How to Tap into New Markets around the Globe

Are you longing to see your book on bookshelves? In this era of globalization, authors have opportunities to reach readership. Whether you’re a writer seeking publishing avenues or an aspiring […]
August 29, 2023

Maximizing the Potential of Your Book: A Comprehensive Guide to Selling Your Book on Amazon KDP

Selling your book on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform may seem like an epic endeavor, but fear not! The key is to understand that by setting up your book […]
August 25, 2023

Self-Publishing as a Business: Accounting and Taxes

Are you a content marketer or writer looking to explore entrepreneurship? Have you considered self-publishing as an avenue for monetization? As with any business venture, there are certain financial and […]
August 24, 2023

How to Self-Publish a Cookbook, Travelogue, or Other Specialty Book

Are you a content marketer or writer who has always dreamed of publishing a cookbook, travelogue, or other specialty book? Self-publishing your own book may be easier than you think! […]
August 22, 2023

Preparing for Success: Building a Self-Publishing Plan

Ready to enter the world of self-publishing? Are you looking for a blueprint on how to publish and market your book? People who succeed in the world of self-publishing do […]
August 3, 2023

The Best Self-Publishing Courses and Programs

If you have ever dreamed of writing a book and seeing it reach a wide audience, self-publishing is an attractive option. With the right tools and resources at your disposal, […]
August 2, 2023

The Ethics of Self-Publishing: Staying Honest and Fair

Authors should consider the ethical implications of their words. From full disclosure to citing sources correctly, self-published authors must adhere to certain standards in order to remain fair and honest […]
July 25, 2023

Creating a Pre-Order Campaign for Your Next Book Release

Pre-order campaigns are an excellent way to generate enthusiasm and excitement about the launch of a new book. By providing potential readers with incentives such as exclusive discounts, free gifts, […]
July 24, 2023

Using Analytics to Track Your Self-Publishing Success

For self-publishers, tracking the success of your writing can often be a difficult and intimidating task. Fortunately, analytics are here to help you gain an understanding of how effective your […]
July 19, 2023

Making Sense of Self-Publishing Royalties

We understand the excitement and pull of self-publishing. It’s a chance to completely take charge of your content and writing, unleash your creativity, cultivate an audience—the possibilities seem endless! But […]
July 6, 2023

Overcoming Self-Doubt: Believing in Your Self-Published Book

Have you ever felt the anxieties of self-doubt creep over your mind as you published your book? Get ready to wave them goodbye, as today’s blog post is dedicated to […]
June 30, 2023

Setting Goals for Your Self-Publishing Journey: Short-Term vs Long-Term

Before setting sail on this path, it’s important that you set yourself up with achievable goals. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss how planning ahead will help point you (or […]
June 16, 2023

Perfectionism and Self-Publishing: Finding Balance

As content marketers and writers, it’s easy to fall into the trap of perfectionism. You pour your heart and soul into every piece of content you produce, agonizing over small […]