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At Elite Authors, we spend all day, every day, thinking about books. So we know firsthand that there’s a lot of information online about writing, editing, and publishing.

Like a LOT.

It can be a little overwhelming, trying to take it all in, to sort through the noise and come away with clear, concrete information that will actually help you grow as an author, no matter where you are in your journey.

That’s why we wrote There’s a Book at the End of This Book. We wanted to offer writers a guide that clearly outlines everything you need to know about creating a book—from getting those first words down on the page through to holding your finished book in your hands.

And we wanted to offer it to you for FREE.

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    There’s a Book at the End of This Book

    We took every bit of crucial information about writing and publishing and boiled it down so that you get essential insights without a lot of extra fluff or unnecessary detail.

    In your free e-book, you’ll learn about the five stages that can take you from first thoughts to final copy.

    Stage 1 Writing and revising your manuscript

    Stage 2 Deciding whether to self-publish or go the traditional route

    Stage 3 Figuring out when you need an editor (and what different types of editing entail)

    Stage 4 Formatting your book in an appealing and professional manner

    Stage 5 Marketing your book so readers can find it and reviewers can love it


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