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Professional editing by Elite Authors takes your book from basic to bestseller.

Manuscript editing services

Our manuscript editing services range from proofreading to developmental editing. So you can buy one round of editing, or you can invest in your writing project with two or more rounds—a process much like the one manuscripts go through at traditional publishing houses. Authors who see success all share a common process: refine, refine, refine. Our discounted editing packages help ensure the book you publish is the best possible experience for readers.

I cannot speak highly enough about Elite Authors. The entire experience from my initial contact with them through the completion of the editing process was nothing short of impressive. They are professional, very well priced, flexible and timely. Stephanie, my editor, did a spectacular job. To simply say she "edited" my book would be a disservice to the work she did. She is focused, sharp and has incredible attention to detail. She went as far as suggesting an alternate spelling for a fictitious word I invented, to one that made more sense. It's been 2 weeks and I've sold over 1,500 copies of my book and have a 5 star rating on Amazon (over 60 reviews) and not A SINGLE negative review on the content or the composition of my book. I recommend them heavily and intend to use them again if I ever decide to write another book.

Jaime Rogozinksi

Professional editing services

Elite’s editors are experienced professionals who pride themselves on their exacting standards. Last year alone, our team edited nearly 1,750 manuscripts—some by first-time authors, others by New York Times bestsellers, Hall of Famers, presidential nominees, internet celebrities, and reality stars. Therefore, for first timers and for veterans, working with Elite Authors means working with the best editors out there.

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    Choose the Editing Services You Need


    Looking for an expert editor to thoroughly check your grammar, spelling, and usage? Then a round of copyediting is perfect for you. On average, our editors make ten to fifteen edits per page that even the best grammar program won’t catch.

    Line Editing

    Are you ready to work with a professional book editor to improve organization, characters, plot, and pacing? Do you want help with spelling and grammar as well as higher-level elements? Line editing is what you’re looking for.

    Developmental Editing

    Trying to turn a rough first draft into a finished final product? Developmental editing is for authors ready to push up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to get their story into fighting shape.


    Looking for a final cold read by an experienced editor before you go to print? Get expert proofreading services so you don’t risk publishing a manuscript with lingering misspellings, grammatical errors, or typos.

    Affordable Book Editing Services

    We offer several levels of book editing services to fit different budgets and different goals. Looking for a final proofread by an expert book editor? Want help bringing your ideas to fruition? Elite has a service that can meet your needs.


    A copyedit focuses on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Therefore, it’s most productive after an author has already done significant revision and now wants an editor to focus on perfecting the language and eliminating typos. Hence, the goal of copyediting is to ensure your book is error-free when it lands in readers’ hands.

    Developmental Editing

    Developmental editing delves even more deeply, uncovering the heart of the story you want to tell and finding the best way to tell it. As a result, it's great for authors who want to take their book to the next level—authors willing to make significant changes in the service of telling a better story.

    Line Editing

    Line editing delves more deeply into a manuscript. Thus, it's best for authors with a fully completed draft. It corrects basic writing mechanics and also strengthens higher-level elements. Therefore, line editing is best for authors looking for help with characterization, pacing, voice, dialogue, and plot.


    First you worked and reworked your manuscript. Then you formatted it and got it ready for publication. However, you still need to protect your credibility as an author. Likewise, you don't want to pay to fix expensive errors readers catch after you're published. Thus, you need a professional editor to proofread your final, laid-out PDF. The peace of mind you’ll gain knowing an expert is catching every last typo is priceless.

    Compare Our Services

    Book Proofreading vs. Copyediting vs. Line Editing vs. Developmental

    Copyediting Line editing Developmental Proofreading
    Line and page breaks
    In-document comments
    Paragraph structure
    Chapter breaks
    Plot flow
    Plot restructuring
    Evaluation of theme, premise, and imagery
    Timeline analysis
    Tightening thesis, improving focus
    Book mapping
    Detailed editorial letter 1–2 pages 2–4 pages 5–10 pages None

    Working Together

    We see editing as a collaboration between author and editor. So our editors not only offer corrections and suggestions but also explain the reasoning behind their edits. Therefore, they offer comments within your document and write a laser-focused editorial letter that explains what’s going right and what you can make even better.

    The Final Word is Always Yours

    All changes to your manuscript are made using Word’s Track Changes feature. Thus, as the author, you have the choice whether to accept your editor’s changes.

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    How much do you charge for editing a book?

    That depends on what kind of editing you want: copyediting, line editing, developmental editing, or proofreading. Basically, the more intensive the editing, the more time an editor spends, so the greater the cost. Thus, no matter what services your book gets, you will always know up front how much you’ll have to pay. All our editing services and packages have easy and transparent pricing. For more information, call us.

    How much does it cost to hire an editor?

    Usually, the cost to hire an editor varies widely. It depends on the editor’s experience, costs of living, and familiarity with your manuscript’s topic. However, when you choose Elite Authors, you’re hiring a collaborative team to handle each step toward publication. We take the guesswork out of the entire process. In addition, we’ll match your book with the right editor—one who’s experienced in your genre or subject. Finally, our prices are easy and transparent, so you know up front how much a service will cost.

    What exactly does an editor do?

    Editors do many things. They correct misspelled words and revise grammatical slips. In addition, they point out opportunities to strengthen a character, plot, or argument. Whether it's a developmental edit of a draft or a proofread of a PDF, your editor will take your work to the next level.

    What do I need?

    Our editors provide edits and comments using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes tool. You'll need a copy of MS Word so you can accept or reject those edits and see exactly what changes your editor made.

    How do I know my manuscript is in good hands?

    You know your manuscript is in good hands because it’s in our hands. Our team of award-winning editors have worked for traditional publishers, and some are published authors themselves. In addition, we've worked with a variety of self-publishing services over many years. The Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster Dictionary are our go-to guides. Our multistep quality-check process ensures accuracy. Rest assured that every one of our experienced professional editors offers world-class book editing services.

    Why is manuscript editing so important?

    Manuscript editing is crucial in today's competitive publication market. Professionally edited manuscripts attract more readers, receive better reviews, and sell more copies. Don’t let typos turn off readers.

    Why do authors get multiple rounds of editing?

    We highly recommend our authors going through numerous rounds of editing in order to ensure the manuscript is as clean and well written as possible. Most traditionally published books are edited 6-8 times before publication, so we have rolled out some editorial packages to encompass numerous rounds of editing at a discount to our authors.

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