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An Interior Layout to Meet Your Needs

With our interior layout service, we offer authors a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the presentation of their books. Choose from our extensive interior guide featuring a diverse array of templates, each meticulously crafted to resonate with readers and adhere to genre standards. Our service provides customization options tailored to your book's genre, ensuring that your layout reflects your unique style. Plus, with the inclusion of up to 10 images, you can enrich your narrative and captivate your audience effectively. Experience the convenience of a single, all-encompassing service that meets your interior layout needs with precision and excellence.

Elite Authors’ Book Formatting Services

A choice of templates to suit different genres and styles

Add-ons to accommodate every type of manuscript, including scientific texts, picture books, and poetry collections

Perfectly laid-out front and back matter

Access to our enormous library of beautiful fonts, chapter titles, and headers

An EPUB file and a beautiful, print-ready PDF

A quick, ten-day turnaround

I am so pleased with the work Elite Authors did with helping me prepare my first book for publishing on Amazon. The team communicated well, worked timely, and were patient with me being a novice. I loved the work they did with editing, the interior layout, and I love how they incorporated my sketches/ideas into their cover design development. I loved their work enough to request their services for my next book. I recommend them for others seeking services for their books as well!

Britney Davis

I published my book with another self-publishing company, they closed, and I was stuck with files that couldn’t be edited. I then found Elite Authors and got in touch with my publishing consultant. She was patient and understanding and always quick to respond. She understood my problem and immediately offered a solution. Elite Authors quickly redid the interior formatting of my book, and because of them I was able to publish my book without any lost time. I will only use Elite Authors for my future books.

Donna Levesque

The cover is beautiful. It’s exactly what I was hoping for. The design team also made a book trailer for me to use for marketing purposes, which triggered a lot of favorable feedback from potential readers. I’m grateful I found Elite Authors!

Serge Van Themsche


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Get beautiful and versatile book formatting and interior layout for print and e-books.


    What is the layout of a book?

    Book layout may refer to either the page layout design or to the ordering of the three basic elements of a book, which are front matter, body text, and back matter.

    What is front matter?

    Front matter is the catchall term that describes all the elements of a book that appear before the first page of the first chapter. This includes the title page, half-title page, copyright page, and the table of contents, among others. These elements give readers crucial information, but they are also intended to lead a reader forward to the main text.

    What is back matter?

    Back matter elements are those parts of a book that follow the main text: author biography, endnotes, bibliography, or index. While all books include at least some front matter, not all books have back matter.

    What is page layout design?

    Page layout design is the result of careful and artistic choices about page size, font size, margins, paragraphing, and line spacing. Page numbers, chapter numbers, and chapter titles—as well as decorative elements like fleurons—are also part of the page layout design.

    How should a manuscript be formatted?

    A manuscript, typically a Microsoft Word (or other word processor) document, should be formatted so that it allows authors, editors, and designers to easily work on the text. A manuscript (as opposed to a book, which is discussed below) is a working document—its look does not affect the final look of the published book, so at the writing and editing stages, it’s best to use a standard manuscript format.

    What is a standard manuscript format?

    Standard manuscript format is designed to allow authors and editors to move easily through the revision process, and it usually follows these simple guidelines: Use letter-sized paper with one-inch margins all around. Text should be 12-point Times New Roman and double spaced. Paragraphs should be indented half an inch with no extra spacing between paragraphs. Each chapter should start on a new page. Page numbering is useful at this stage, though there’s no need to insert a table of contents until much later.

    How do you format a book for publishing?

    Formatting a book for publication is far more complicated than formatting a manuscript, which is why it’s so important to work with professionals who really know how to format a book. There are many different elements—line spacing, page numbers, table of contents, index formatting, chapter headers, paragraphing, and so on—the nuances of which can make a substantial difference to a reader’s enjoyment of your work.

    But isn’t it easy to convert an MS Word document to a PDF or even an ePub or MOBI file?

    It isn’t as easy to convert an MS Word document to a readable PDF as it seems, and converting a Word document to an ePub or MOBI file is even more complicated. Each of these formats has some rather complex, unique requirements, and when we format your text, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We provide you with different files that are optimized for different devices and uses.

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