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Oh my goodness. You guys go above and beyond. It always amazes me how you can grasp what is in my head. Excellent job! Your people again saw what I was hoping you would see. Your editors are spectacular. I appreciate everything the Elite team is doing for me. Amazon listing pending author uploading (all of our services are completed)

Lawrence Christie

Thank you for the timely turnaround, the excellent work, and the helpful editorial suggestions.


Book Design and Formatting Reviews

The cover design won the seal of approval from the entire family. It looks fantastic!

E.C. Jacobs

My reaction in one word: gorgeous! I could not have dreamed of anything more perfect for my cover. Simply brilliant!

Mary Kay Kindhauser

Wow! The cover design is wonderful. The fonts that were used were perfect. Great job!


The cover is beautiful. It’s exactly what I was hoping for. The design team also made a book trailer for me to use for marketing purposes, which triggered a lot of favorable feedback from potential readers. I’m grateful I found Elite Authors!

Serge Van Themsche

I published my book with another self-publishing company, they closed, and I was stuck with files that couldn’t be edited. I then found Elite Authors and got in touch with my publishing consultant. She was patient and understanding and always quick to respond. She understood my problem and immediately offered a solution. Elite Authors quickly redid the interior formatting of my book, and because of them I was able to publish my book without any lost time. I will only use Elite Authors for my future books.

Donna Levesque

Book Editing Reviews

Everything looks great on the edits. The comments about the manuscript overall meant a great deal to me. Amazon listing pending completion of edits/interior.

Janna Herbison

I am not a native English speaker, but my editor fully understood my style and target audience and edited my manuscript exactly as I intended. Thank you!

Chiara Giuliani

Thank you for a world-class editing service. I was amazed by the quality of professional editing but also thrilled by the intelligence, talent, sensitivity, and occasional humor of the editor. This is a person who obviously loves the job, as many of the comments were used to educate me in some finer points of grammar and style. I am a better writer as a result. All major changes were coherently explained, all queries easily addressed. When I got into trouble, the editor gave me some suggested ways out, though left me to formulate the right wording. This is what I appreciated most: an understanding of what I wished to do and a dedication to help me do it right.I am, as always, simply thrilled by the quality of your services. Entirely brilliant and professional! My experience with Elite Authors was extremely positive every step of the way.

Mary Kay Kindhauser

The editor did a thorough and meticulous job…the excellent work and thoughtful comments were much appreciated.

Liz Arrington, Heidi Mason, & James Mawson

I was really impressed by the way my editor understood what I was trying to do and how he found inconsistencies in the plot and characters. He made concrete edits and suggestions for changes. And this was just in the first round of editing! My editor was positive and supportive while also offering constructive criticism. That was really helpful. I plan to do the second round in a few months.

Daphne Ashling Purpus

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