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Ready to become a published author?

You’ve got a great idea for a book but haven’t got the time—or even the desire—to actually sit down and turn those ideas into a manuscript.

Perhaps you’re still too busy living your life to pause long enough to write your memoir. But you want to leave a legacy.

Or perhaps you want to extend your brand and increase your reach, but you’ve still got a business to run.

No time? No problem. At Elite Authors, we’ve assembled a team that makes creating your book no hassle at all. Let us help you tell your story.

How does ghostwriting work?

First we interview you to learn more about you and your story. Then we partner you with the right Elite writer for your voice, style, and personality—and your vision for your book. You and your writing partner put your heads together, ferreting out the details, making sure you both are clear about everything that should be in your book. Then we get to work.

We specialize in nonfiction, business books, memoirs, self-help books, and how-to guides—whatever you’re dreaming about writing, we can help make it a reality.

Get an award-winning ghostwriter to write your book.

If you’re ready to become a published author, you’ve come to the right place. We have written for CEOs of Fortune 500s, famous musicians, New York Times bestselling authors, music industry moguls, famous restaurateurs, and many more.

We take the time to understand your goals for your book and to match you with the right writer.

You’ll only work with someone you trust to put your story into words.

We keep your work entirely confidential.

You get a team of editors who will collaborate with you and your writer throughout the process.

Your book is completely yours, including all profits and royalties.

Get all the services you need to publish your book in one place.

Find a professional, reputable ghostwriter.

The process of finding a professional, reputable ghostwriter shouldn’t stop you from becoming a published author. At Elite Authors, we make it easy to connect with the right writer.

You already know what your book should be about, whether it’s your life story, everything you’ve learned from years of professional experience, or a tale you’ve been burning to tell. That’s your expertise—ours is figuring out how to translate your ideas into words on a page. Our professional writers are wizards, practiced at transforming rough ideas into written words.

Tell me more about confidentiality.

We protect your privacy, your ideas, and your finished product with a rock-solid nondisclosure agreement. Our ghostwriting contract also stipulates that the finished book is entirely yours, including all profits and royalties. As ghostwriters for hire, we make it our priority to ensure that you feel complete ownership over your book throughout the process. We’ve written for some of the biggest names on the big screen and on the business scene and would love to do a bit of name dropping—but we won’t. Their privacy, just like yours, is that important to us.

Been dreaming about writing a book?

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    Is ghostwriting legal?

    Absolutely—ghostwriting is legal. There’s no gray area here: it’s your ideas, your knowledge, your name, your book. We take zero credit and zero royalties. It’s estimated by some publishing industry experts that up to half of all published books—some even by big-name authors—are in fact ghostwritten.

    How much does a ghostwriter cost?

    How much a ghostwriter costs varies greatly, depending on multiple factors, from the ghostwriter’s experience to the length of your project. Our fee is based on the immense amount of work we put into your book. We conduct multiple interviews with you to learn about your voice and your project and then send you a carefully drafted author memo that clearly outlines your book. Incorporating your feedback along the way, we provide you with chapter outlines, a table of contents, and finally the book itself—a moment that’s celebrated by everyone on your team with two hips and a hooray.

    What happens after my book is finished?

    Once we’ve presented you with a finished draft of your book, you can go in a number of different directions. You might want to make some changes or additions, in which case it would be worth considering a round or two of editing to ensure that the final book is free from error. You might want to shop it around to various traditional publishing houses, in which case we could help you draft a query letter. Or you might decide to look into independent publishing, and if so, Elite Authors offers a full suite of services to get your book shelf-ready.

    Where can I find a ghostwriter?

    You’ve already found a ghostwriter! Elite Authors offers ghostwriting services that will make it easy to finally publish that book you’ve been meaning to write for years. We’re constantly inspired by the stories people have to tell, and we’re ready to get to work on yours.

    Who owns the rights to a ghostwritten book?

    You do! The book a professional ghostwriter produces belongs to the person whose knowledge, ideas, creativity, and stories have been committed to paper. We’re the channel for your book, not the owners of it. Your book is all yours.

    What does ghostwritten mean?

    A ghostwritten book (or speech or essay) is one where the words were committed to paper by a writer hired to shape and organize someone else’s thoughts, ideas, concepts, and stories into a polished product. It’s your name that appears on the cover as the author because in the end, it’s your book—we’re just the conduit.

    How much do ghostwriters charge per word?

    It’s possible some ghostwriters charge by the word, but that could be a red flag. After all, what’s to stop an unscrupulous ghostwriter from using more words than necessary just to upcharge you? We charge a project-based fee so you know exactly what to expect before we start. There are no hidden fees.

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