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Let’s Cover the Basics

What is a book cover?

A book cover, in the most general terms, has three parts: the front, the back, and the spine. The front cover melds graphics, images, and appealing fonts to let readers know not just the title and the author’s name but also the book’s genre and mood. The back cover usually has a short blurb to give readers a bit more insight into what the book is about. The spine includes the author’s name and the title of the book.

What is a book cover design?

A book cover design is the overall term for the combination of title, author’s name, and image that decorates the cover of a book. A good book cover design is like beautiful wrapping paper. The book itself is the gift, and the cover dresses it up, making it look inviting and exciting.

What is the cover of a book called?

The cover of a book is called many things. The detachable cover of a hardback book is called a dust jacket. It is a thick paper wrapper that bears the cover image, title, author name, and any additional cover copy. The book cover can also be referred to as the book jacket or the front cover.

How do you make a paper book cover?

Like a dust jacket, the cover of a paperback book includes a cover image, the book’s title, and the author’s name, but because it’s smaller, it typically has less text and sometimes uses a smaller font.

Is an e-book cover identical to the cover of a paperback or hardback book?

An e-book cover is usually very similar, if not precisely identical, to the front cover of the paperback version of the book. Unlike with paperbacks and hardbacks, an e-book cover design doesn’t need to include back cover copy or a spine.

What is the size of a book cover?
The size of a book’s cover depends on the size of the book—and that depends on word count and genre. Very long books tend to be sized up a bit to avoid an overly chunky book, while low word counts tend to get a smaller trim size to help the book look more substantial. Children’s books are often square or oblong, while textbooks are typically larger. Most books are approximately five inches wide by eight inches tall.

Should I use book cover design software?

Book cover design software requires a lot of professional know-how. Not all authors are also visual artists—a few are, of course, and if that’s you, book cover design software might be the way to go. But a really great cover requires years of design experience, a sharp eye, and some insider knowledge about what makes books sell. Every book genre has a signature look, and expert cover designers can use those elements to create a unique cover that appeals to the readers most likely to love your book.

Where can I find book cover designer tips and ideas? 
You can look online for book cover designer tips and ideas—but you might find even more food for thought at your local library. We also have a detailed blog post here with all the tips, tricks, ideas, and inspiration you need about how designers create beautiful covers.

How do you create a book cover?

When we create a book cover for you, we start with your words. We spend time getting to know your book, your style, and your voice so we can create exactly the right cover, one that is specific to you and your work. We match you with a professional designer experienced in your field, industry, or genre who will design to your specifications.

If I plan to publish my book as both an e-book and a paperback, will I need two separate book cover designs?

No! If you plan to publish your book as both an e-book and a paperback, you will not need two cover designs. Our cover designers create images and designs that work as beautifully on the screen of an e-reader as they do on a bookshelf.

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