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Elite Authors is your one-stop publishing solution center.

By acting as a direct channel between writers and readers, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) offers independent authors—and eager readers—a phenomenal service. It does not, however, replace CreateSpace. KDP won’t proof your copy, design a cover, or help you craft marketing materials.

Elite Authors, on the other hand, will do all of that—and more.

When you partner with Elite Authors, you’re working with the same great editors and designers you once did at CreateSpace—and that means you’re giving your book the best possible chance for success. Each year we collaborate with thousands of independent authors to create beautiful books.

Elite Authors offers…

  • Developmental editing
  • Line editing
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Book formatting services
  • Book cover design
  • Back cover text
  • Optimized Amazon listings
  • KDP upload service

Polishing before publishing is a crucial investment in your book and your career. Get in touch with us and talk about how Elite Authors can help you make your KDP dreams come true. KDP is ready for your book—but is your book ready for release? Let’s talk.

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    Can you self-publish on Amazon?

    You can absolutely self-publish on Amazon—or more specifically, on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Millions (and that is not an exaggeration) of writers already do, and that’s one of the greatest challenges indie writers face. When you release your e-book on the KDP bookstore (better known as Amazon), it’s joining an overflowing field of offerings. In order to succeed, your book needs to stand out from the crowd. It’s so important that you do not publish on KDP before your book is ready—and that means making sure it has been edited, proofed, and packaged in the most appealing way possible. We can help you with every one of those steps.

    What is Kindle Select?

    Kindle Select—or more accurately, KDP Select—is a program offered by KDP to help authors gain readership and boost sales. To participate, you must make your e-book exclusively available on the KDP bookstore (a.k.a. Amazon). It costs nothing to enroll. Once your book is part of the KDP Select program, you have access to a wider range of promotional tools, and you earn 70 percent royalties on sales of your book in Brazil, Japan, India, and Mexico.

    What does KDP do for authors?

    KDP is an e-book and paperback self-publication service, a conduit that allows authors to access the power and reach of Amazon and Kindle. As an author, you ensure that your file meets Amazon publishing submission guidelines. Then you upload your manuscript file, cover, marketing copy, and author bio to the KDP platform. Finally, you make your book live, and you’re done! What KDP won’t do is make sure that your formatting is correct, that your marketing copy is appealing, or that your cover is attractive. That’s all up to you, and that’s where Elite Authors comes in.


    How do I publish a book on KDP?

    Taking your publication-ready file and publishing it via the KDP platform couldn’t be easier. You make an account, submit your files, upload your cover, insert your keywords and marketing copy, and hit publish. Within a very short time, your book will be available on Amazon! What Kindle Direct Publishing can’t do is help you get your manuscript ready for publication. Their whole process assumes that you’ve already ensured your book is free from errors and properly formatted. That’s where Elite comes in. We take you from your first draft to a polished final product. We can also create an eye-catching cover and make sure that your marketing copy is optimized for Amazon’s search algorithms, making your book easier to find.

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