Broken Badges Enzo by Rod Scott

Broken Badges: Enzo

From aspiring writer to accomplished author

Broken Badges: Enzo, by Rod Scott, is a riveting novel that showcases the author's talent for storytelling, honed through years of perseverance and self-discovery working as an LAPD lieutenant. After struggling to break into the traditional publishing world, Scott embraced the opportunity of self-publishing, leading to the creation of his debut book. With the expertise and support of Elite Authors, Scott transformed his manuscript into a polished, professionally crafted book, receiving accolades from readers and setting the stage for a successful writing career.

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From Contest Winner to Aspiring Novelist

Rod Scott's journey as an author began during his senior year at UC Davis, when he won a fiction writing contest with the San Francisco Chronicle. This early success sparked a passion for writing, leading him to pen several fiction manuscripts centered around the sports world. Despite his initial enthusiasm, Scott faced the daunting challenge of finding a literary agent and publisher, which ultimately led him to put his writing aspirations on hold.

Facing the Hurdles of Self-Publishing

Years after shelving his dreams, Scott discovered the world of self-publishing. Intrigued by the independent control and potential financial benefits it offered, he decided to give it another shot with his novel, Broken Badges: Enzo. But Scott quickly realized that transforming a manuscript into a professionally published book required more than just writing talent. The complexities of editing, cover design, and formatting for various mediums were overwhelming and beyond his skill set.

“There’s a difference between a writer and a book creator, and I’m definitely not the latter. This is where Elite Authors became so valuable to me. After doing extensive research, they stood out amongst their competition.”

The Path to Professional Publication

Determined to see his book succeed, Scott conducted thorough research of various publishing companies. He ultimately connected with Sarah Davis from Elite Authors, who provided invaluable guidance on the necessary steps to publish a high-quality book. Opting for a comprehensive package, Scott benefited from professional line editing, meticulous copyediting, custom cover art, and expert formatting for e-book, paperback, and hardcover versions. The team at Elite Authors not only delivered exceptional services but also offered ongoing support and treated Scott like family, ensuring his book was its best possible version.

Scott's positive experience with Elite Authors has fueled his ambition, and he is currently working on the next installment in the Broken Badges series, confident that Elite Authors will once again help bring his vision to life.

“Don’t give up! Continue to follow your dreams because you’re closer than you think. I’d also advocate for aspiring authors to utilize a professional book creation and marketing service such as Elite Authors. It truly takes away the stress and additional time of trying to figure out how to bring your book to life after you’ve finished your manuscript.”

Real quotes from Amazon reviews

5 stars

Enzo is a “page turner” indeed! Once I started, I had a hard time putting the book down. If you are looking for a great fiction police novel, look no farther than Broken Badges - Enzo! Very well done!
—Amazon Customer

5 stars

Although I have not finished this book, I have to say I am really having a blast reading it. Already looking forward to any new stuff Scott will put out. Ordering the hardback for my neighbor who I know will love it!
—J. Garcia

5 stars

Very well written. Plot is complex and suspenseful while still being realistic. Absolutely love the characters and their development over the course of the book. Looking forward to the next one!

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