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At Elite Authors, we understand that navigating the publishing world can be overwhelming. That's why our comprehensive publishing packages are designed to make your life easy. From the initial stages of line editing to the final touches of Kindle conversion, we've got you covered.

What's Included:

  • Line Editing (2 rounds)
  • Copyediting  (2 rounds)
  • Interior Formatting
  • Cover Design
  • Kindle Conversion
  • Upload Service

Our commitment is to guide you through the process with personalized support, allowing you to maintain 100% creative control.

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When you work with Elite Authors, you enjoy:

  • Decades of Expertise: Gain access to a wealth of experience in the publishing industry, ensuring a knowledgeable and informed publishing journey.
  • Royalty-Free Services: Keep every penny you earn; our project-based pricing means your success doesn't cut into your profits.
  • Tailored Excellence: Our editors, proofreaders, and designers are handpicked to match your manuscript’s unique requirements, ensuring a polished and professional outcome.
  • Boutique Support: Experience a personalized journey with a dedicated publishing consultant guiding you through the intricacies of the publishing process. An author success manager is also at your side, ensuring your project moves forward smoothly.
  • Trusted Track Record: Join the ranks of thousands of successful authors who have placed their trust in Elite Authors for a reliable and rewarding publishing experience.
  • Creative Autonomy: Retain full control over your project's creative direction, allowing your unique voice to shine through in every aspect of your work.

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Discover the Elite Authors experience through our authors' words:

5 stars
"This was a great experience from beginning to end. All departments are efficient, professional, patient, and personable. Becoming a published author is difficult but so rewarding. This is due in large part to Elite explaining some of the processes—and achieving the desired results with excellence."
—Nancy Pitt

5 stars
“I had a really complicated book, full of images and tables. I used Elite Authors for formatting, and they did an outstanding job. From start to the end, communication was awesome. Very professional and great work quality. I highly recommend them.”
—Amit Uppal

5 stars
“Everything from the cover design to the content management was absolutely first class! The various people I dealt with were all caring, considerate, and CONCERNED. Early reviews are in, and I am very pleased with them. I'm about to do my second public reading, and a movie deal is in the works. I have nothing but the highest praise for Elite Authors!“
—Jack Lieberum

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