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Elevate your book’s visibility and credibility with book reviews, paving the way for increased trust, higher search rankings, and a successful book launch!

Our service offers a unique opportunity for authors to garner genuine feedback from real readers, steering clear of AI-generated content. Simply place your order online and provide your book’s purchase link, and within 2 weeks, expect to receive insightful reviews from verified purchasers to help you launch your book with confidence and sustain sales momentum.


  • Authentic book reviews from real readers
  • Reviews that build trust and authority and increase search ranking
  • Process that's not AI developed or driven
  • Choice of platform your reviews will be posted to
  • Quality checks to ensure high-quality, appropriate reviews
  • Option to add on additional platforms

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How do I get reviews for my book?
There are a few ways to get book reviews. For example, you can ask family and friends to read your book and write reviews, you can put a call out on social media, and you can even include a request in the book itself for happy readers to share their opinions with others. However, these methods can be unpredictable, and you don’t want to leave your book sales to chance. Engaging a quality review service such as ours takes the guesswork (as well as the legwork!) out of the equation.
Do reviews really help sell books?
The one-word answer is yes. Reviews sell books. You probably know this yourself. If you’re intrigued by the cover or the premise of a new book, especially if the author is unknown to you, you start skimming reviews to see what other readers think. You’re not alone in this. According to some estimates, 97 percent of readers use reviews as a deciding factor when considering which book to buy.
How do reviews help me rise in the search rankings?
Reviews—their quantity as well as their quality—tell bookselling algorithms that people are not just reading your book but also pausing to share their opinions with other readers. That alone suggests that your book is one to be taken seriously, and that is reflected in your search rankings. The more reviews your book gets, the happier the algorithm will be.
How does your book review service work?
Once you submit your order, a customer success manager will reach out to you to verify a few details, including the name of the book you would like reviewed, a link to where we can purchase the book online, and the platform your reviews will be posted on.
Are these reviews unbiased and honest? Do reviewers really read my book before writing?
Yes…and yes! We don’t tell our reviewers what to write, though we do, of course, ask that they write informative reviews that go way beyond “I liked it.” Our reviewers must read your book thoroughly before they begin, because we ask that they include concrete details and examples of what they found intriguing or appealing.
Who will be reviewing my book?
We have a network of avid readers and pair your book with someone who is interested in your subject matter and book genre.
What is the length of each review?
Each review is approximately 200-250 words.
How long will it take?
It takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks from your order to when you will start to see your book reviews appear online. We ask each reader to post their review within 2 weeks of receiving the request. After that, the time can vary based on the platform publishing the review.
Where will my reviews be posted?
The book reviewers will post reviews on the most popular online bookstore(s). We will solidify where you wish to have your book reviews posted in our follow-up questionnaire.
Will the reviews show as verified purchases?
Yes, all reviews will be verified purchases. We ensure that all reviewers purchase the book directly. In the case that a platform does not verify a purchase, we have a process to dispute the review to ensure it is verified.
Will you send me verification of your reviews once completed?
Absolutely! After all reviews have been written and posted, we’ll you send a report that includes links to all of your live reviews.
Who pays for the cost of the books? Does the reader buy the e-book or the printed version?
The cost of the books is paid by the author at the time of purchasing the reviews service. The reviewers then purchase the book on your behalf; they typically will select the most cost-effective option.

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