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Writing may be its own reward, but so is 20% off bundled editorial services.

It’s no typo (we hate those)!

We really are offering 20% off copyediting, line editing, developmental editing, or proofreading when you purchase two or more editorial services.


If you’ve been revising and revising and revising some more, an Elite copyedit is just what your manuscript needs. We root out misspellings, tense or point-of-view shifts, grammatical errors, and typos. You get back a document with tracked changes and editorial explanations that’s one step closer to publication.


When your book is ready to go to press, hit pause. A final proofread can make all the difference. We’re ready to search out any lingering typo or missed misspelling or distracting error. That means you can send your book to the printers (or upload it to Kindle) confident that you’re offering readers perfection.

Line Editing

First draft done? That’s wonderful! Make the most of your revising time by getting a line edit from Elite. We address everything from plot to characterization to dialogue to point of view as well as all the mechanics of spelling and grammar.

Developmental Editing

Not sure where to begin? Is your draft more scattered notes than sparkling prose? An Elite developmental edit takes your book from rough to ready.

If you’re serious about your book, we’ve got a discount for you.

You have to believe in your work to be willing to invest in it, but that’s why we’re here. We love working with serious writers, and to make it even easier, we want to offer you 20% off our editorial services when you purchase two or more services.

Need proof? That’s 20% off too!

And not just proofreading! Purchase two or more editorial services to get line editing, developmental editing, and copyediting—all 20% off.
Working with Elite Authors has been a fabulous experience! I felt I had a true partner by my side throughout the self-publishing process. I was very impressed with the copy editing work that they did on my manuscript. The back and front cover design of my book “Baba’s Wisdom – Inspiration for a Simple, Happy Life” is truly beautiful and exceeded my expectations. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.

Dagny Mofid

I was really impressed by the way my editor understood what I was trying to do and how he found inconsistencies in the plot and characters. He made concrete edits and suggestions for changes. And this was just in the first round of editing! My editor was positive and supportive while also offering constructive criticism. That was really helpful. I plan to do the second round in a few months.

Daphne Ashling Purpus

As a novice author I needed help getting the book from manuscript to print, and making it presentable. Jenny and Lydia were there at every step. I believe their services are a real value, and bought the full package.

John Wood

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