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    Every book has a story to tell.

    At Elite Authors, we believe every book has a story to tell, and our experienced editors are here to help you shape yours into a captivating narrative that resonates with readers.

    A developmental editor can pinpoint elements you should add or expand on to improve your story, as well as things you should remove. They look for what’s missing and what’s unnecessary. This leads to a better overall story that more readers will want to pick up and (more importantly) keep reading.

    • Tailored Approach: Whether you're starting with a first draft or a collection of notes, our editors meet you where you are in your writing journey.
    • Expert Guidance: Receive personalized feedback and guidance on what's working well and how to enhance your manuscript.
    • Transformative Process: Developmental editing is the first step toward turning your rough draft into a polished masterpiece.
    • Transparent Pricing: Know exactly what you're paying for with our easy-to-understand package pricing.
    "I published my first novel with Elite Authors. They were quite helpful and answered my questions, and when I ran into a little problem, they were responsive and solved the problem immediately. My editor did an incredible job. I will certainly use Elite Authors as my production team."

    —Ed Surma

    Developmental editing is all about your story—specifically, making it the best it can be!

    Developmental editing is a content-shaping process.

    Who benefits most from developmental editing?
    Developmental editing is ideal for authors who are deeply invested in the writing process and seek to elevate their storytelling skills. Whether you're an indie author or seeking traditional publishing, our process-focused edits can transform your book into a captivating read.

    What happens after a developmental edit?
    After you receive feedback from your developmental editor, the real work begins. You'll receive detailed notes, edits, and suggestions to guide your revisions and improvements. This is your opportunity to refine your manuscript and prepare it for the next stages of editing and publication.

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    5 stars
    "This was my first experience with publishing a book, and I am so glad that I chose Elite Authors to help me through the process. They were absolutely great to work with, and the quality of work (editing, formatting, marketing assistance) was exemplary! I also would like to comment on how patient the staff at Elite Authors was when helping me with changes in my manuscript. My book is beautiful, and the feedback from readers reflects the quality work that went into getting it completed and ready for the public.”
    —Lois Forcet, Author of
    Getting Your Affairs in Order

    5 stars
    “This was a great experience from beginning to end. All departments are efficient, professional, patient, and personable. Becoming a published author is difficult but so rewarding. This is due in large part to Elite explaining some of the processes—and achieving the desired results with excellence.”
    —Nancy Pitt, Author of
    Diamonds in the Rough


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