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We can line edit, copy edit, or proof your book. We can even energize your process from the start



Professional ghostwriters tell your story in your voice—the book is all you.


Cover Design

Your beautiful book deserves an eye- catching (and reader-seducing) cover.


Interior Formatting

Whether you’re heading to print or e-reader, we make sure each page looks professional & sharp.


Marketing Services

Make sure the world knows about your book - from Amazon listings, press releases, agent queries, social media, and more!!


Book Trailers

One of the most exciting ways to get the word out...is with a video! We can make it sparkle.

    “Anyone looking to self-publish a manuscript should look no further than Elite; it's just a remarkable group of individuals.”

    Jeff Nelligan, author of The Match through History, Be the Ball, Tales from the Swamp, and Resilient Sons

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