May 19, 2023

Use the Mind Mapping Method for Your Book Ideas

Content marketers and writers looking for an effective way to come up with new book ideas can find success in the mind mapping method. This multipurpose brainstorming process allows marketers […]
May 11, 2023

Defining 12 Most Common Character Archetypes in Writing

Exploring character archetypes is a great way to make your story’s characters more dynamic and memorable. While incorporating any way that readers can connect emotionally with your characters is important, […]
May 4, 2023

How to Outline a Novel Before You Start Writing

Do you have a great novel concept but lack the skills or techniques to get it rolling on paper? Look no further than outlining! Outlining your novel allows you to […]
April 27, 2023

High Fantasy vs. Low Fantasy: Which Should Your Story Be?

Fantasy fiction can accomplish many things, from transporting readers to a magical world and introducing them to heroic characters to captivating them with intricate plot points. One of the decisions […]
April 24, 2023

How to Write a Romance Novel: Things to Keep in Mind

Love is in the air! It’s time to put your content marketing skills to the test and take a crack at writing an epic romance novel. Writing a compelling love […]
April 20, 2023

What Is Your Author Persona?

Whether you write romance novels or space operas, self-help or poetry, business advice or kidlit, you have an author persona! Identifying your persona can give you insights into your process, […]
January 10, 2023

Use the Mind Mapping Method for Your Book Ideas

Great books don’t just happen. And successful books generally don’t start with the author sitting at their computer typing a story off the top of their head. The writing process […]
November 30, 2022

How to Throw a Successful Book Launch Party

Congratulations on finishing your book! Now it’s time to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than to throw a party? When authors create their book marketing strategy, they often […]
November 14, 2022

Marketing a Book on LinkedIn

Finishing a book is quite an accomplishment. Once you’ve published your masterpiece, it’s time to start marketing! Fortunately, you can successfully market your book on social media platforms like LinkedIn […]
October 26, 2022

How to Promote a Book on LinkedIn

You’re probably aware that most of the world checks their social media platforms frequently. Because social media attracts so many users, many authors use these platforms as part of their […]
October 19, 2022

Book Industry Statistics

Book industry statistics are helpful for everyone in the book industry. They help authors and publishers understand where readers are purchasing books and whether current trends show an increase in […]
October 5, 2022

Book Sales Statistics

As an indie author, you might not expect to make a living selling your book. Maybe you’re entering the book market for the first time, or maybe you’ve generated some […]
September 21, 2022

Content Marketing for Authors

You might think that marketing is best suited for companies selling products to consumers. However, content marketing is also a crucial component for authors hoping to sell books. In fact, […]
September 7, 2022

Marketing Tips for Self-Published Authors

When you hear the word “marketing,” you might think of businesses advertising their products and services. However, marketing applies to anything that can be sold—including your self-published book! As an […]
August 10, 2022

Email Marketing for Authors

Completing a book is an exciting moment for authors, but what comes next? You don’t want your labor of love to languish on a bookstore shelf or sit unnoticed on […]
July 7, 2022

How to Find a Good Editor for Your Book

It’s one of the most exciting moments in an author’s life. You’ve completed your book and you’re ready to publish! Not many writers make it this far, so you should […]
June 16, 2022

How to Hire a Book Editor

You did it! You completed your book, and you’re on the verge of becoming a published author. But is your manuscript good enough to publish? Is it the best it […]
April 6, 2022

How to Design a Book Spine

Take a look at your home bookshelf. What do you see? That’s right: the spine of every book! Even though the spine is one of the smallest physical parts of […]

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